Fence Replacement: 6 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Fencing

6 Signs It's Time To Update Your Fencing

The humble garden fence goes through a lot. It stands sentinel over our homes, day and night, rain or sunlight. And it does all of that whether we notice it or not. Sure, fences might be designed to withstand all that the natural environment can produce. But, like anything, fences have a shelf life. There will come a time when your fence needs a replacement. Working out when that time is, is a different story, though. That’s why we’ve listed six handy signs that you’re due for a fence replacement. Do any sound familiar to you?

What Are Living Fences And What Are Their Benefits?

hedge or living fenceFences come in all shapes and sizes as well as building materials, but nothing quite matches the natural beauty and environmentally friendly properties of a living fence. The definition of a living fence is (not surprisingly) a fence that is made from living shrubs or trees, and it can also be referred to as a hedge or a ‘green’ fence. Green fences are not only durable, long-lasting, cost-effective and ideal for privacy screening, if they are constructed as a visual extension of a home’s living areas, they are aesthetically beautiful as well.

How to choose the perfect home fencing

How to choose the perfect home fencing

Home fencing is popular across Queensland and Brisbane is no different. With relatively large and spacious properties, many homeowners throughout Brisbane have a fence of some description installed on their property and this can be beneficial in many ways. With each of Brisbane’s suburbs connected by main roads, traffic noise can be a bit of an issue for some homeowners. The incessant sound of cars, trucks, buses and even trains hurtling by at all hours of the day and night can become irritating and a well placed fence can be great to minimise the noise. Fences are also popular for homeowners with small children or pets. Even on quiet streets, traffic is a hazard and the last thing you want is your child or animal running onto the street and getting injured – or worse – by a passing car.

6 Benefits Of Aluminium Fencing For Your Garden

Aluminium Fencing For Your Garden

Aluminium Fencing For Your Garden

Deciding on fencing for your garden in Brisbane can be an overwhelming and complicated experience. There are so many varieties of materials and colours to choose from and each one will suit a particular home’s style and aesthetic. You also need to consider your budget and the wearability of the fence. However, it doesn’t need to be a difficult choice! For a variety of reasons, aluminium is becoming one of the leading choices for garden fencing.

Pool Fencing Laws Brisbane

Don’t let one small mistake spell disaster for your family! Get equipped and know what needs to be done to prevent accidental drownings from occurring.

Pool fencing laws are in place for a reason: they protect you, your children and your pets. By following the right protocols when installing pool fencing in Brisbane, you are safeguarding the ones you hold most dear.

Five Signs They’re Reliable Fencing Contractors!

When attempting to install a fence on your property, finding reliable fencing contractors among the dozens, if not hundreds, of companies out there can seem like an impossible task. Fences are essential for security, privacy, defining boundaries and eliminating noise and wind, and the type of fence you install depends entirely on your needs. Knowing how to go about finding a reliable fencing contractor will make the entire process from negotiation to installation and maintenance much less painful. Doing research into fencing contractors before contacting any can greatly increase your chances of finding someone reliable, and to that end, we’ve put together five handy tips to make the process easier for you!

Fences that function but also look great

Fences can be used to define boundaries, keep livestock and pets in one location, keep people off lawns, and keep a property secure. Fences are highly practical, but they can also enhance the appearance of a building or a home. Many fences these days are installed because of their visual appear and their ability to complement the style of an existing property.

How to Choose the Best Driveway Gate For You

The finishing touches are almost complete and your investment is beginning to resemble a home. There’s a few things left to do however, including securing your driveway against unwanted visitors and creating a barrier between your abode and the rest of the world. Not because you’re unsocial or suspicious, but because you value the safety and comfort of your whole household, particularly if the driveway is long and you’re some distance from the road. A driveway gate is tacked on like an after-thought, after the paint is dry and the new bathroom has been blessed with its first shower – often to enhance the aesthetics of your grounds and the existing fence-line. So what should you consider when hunting for a driveway gate?

5 reasons to choose Fence Corp

If you are seeking fences, balustrades and gates, you will want to partner with the best. We understand that our customers want the best in quality and services, and they want to know that they are choosing the right business for their needs. Here are five reasons to choose FenceCorp for your next project.

1: 100% Australian owned

Choosing businesses that are Australian owned is a plus for everyone involved. We are locally owned and operated, and we are proud of this fact. We understand the needs of Australian customers, the local market and the products that are available to you. We understand the quality that is required for Australian conditions, and when you purchase from an Australian business you are helping the local economy.

How to Clean and Maintain Aluminium Fencing

One of the biggest reasons aluminium fencing is the most popular fencing option that we sell here at Fence Corp is because they require virtually no upkeep.  Once your aluminium fence is installed many homeowners choose to set and forget, with the confidence their fence will stand strong and proud into the future without needing any extra care.

However, with that said there are some quick and steps you can take to keep a top notch appearance of your fence, and maintain the best possible condition for decades to come. We explain these fuss free fencing cleaning and maintenance tips in this post.

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J.G. Mullan Construction has engaged the services of FenceCorp for over five years. During that time FenceCorp has exclusively supplied and fitted aluminium balustrading and fencing to our Home Unit Multiple Dwellings and our Prestige Housing Projects. We hold FenceCorp and it's principal operator, Steven Fitzgerald, in the highest regard. Steven is a highly skilled operator and with his team at FenceCorp Delivers a first class product, on time, and at a very competitive price. We would not hesitate to recommend FenceCorp to all concerned.

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