What to Look for in Superior Fencing

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Superior Fencing

Fencing is a must have for every home. It marks your boundaries, keeps pets and small children from danger, and is in some cases a legal requirement. But when it comes to fencing, there’s the satisfactory and the superior. So how can you tell superior fencing apart from the rest? Like any product, there are plenty of signs if you know what to look for. To help you pick superior fencing for your yard, we’ve put together a few quick tips!

Corrosion resistance is a key feature in superior fencing

Fences often have metal components. Whether it’s screws, nails, or posts, those metal components can fall victim to a fence’s worst enemy: corrosion! Rust and corrosion weaken fences, and they do so quickly. In some environments, corrosion can set in after only a few months. It’s not strictly limited to metal, either. Timber fences may not be able to corrode, but they can rot. In many ways, rot is even worse!

It attacks the integrity of a fence, and leaves it easily bypassed by pets, children, and anyone else who wants to find a way in or out of your yard. Luckily, there’s a solution: aluminium fencing. Aluminium possesses unrivalled corrosion resistance. It’s used in marine applications for that exact reason! And if it can last in a saltwater environment, you can rest assured it’ll stand the test of time in your backyard.

Looking for superior pool fencing? It needs to be code compliant!

Another important feature in superior fencing is compliance. Fencing is a legal requirement in pool areas. And not just any fencing will do, either. Pool fencing needs to meet strict criteria to pass the regulatory test. It needs to be a certain height, and it needs to have a specified maximum gap-width. It also needs to be in good condition, so that it keeps your family safe. The best way to get code-compliant pool fencing is to speak with the experts. They will have plenty of prefabricated fencing options to suit your pool. That way you get superior pool fencing that is compliant, and diverse in design as well.

Superior fencing should not forsake design: Here’s what it should look like

Speaking of design, that’s another important thing to consider when looking for superior fencing. Fencing shouldn’t be hostile to your home’s aesthetic. It should actually complement the other design features of your home. To find fencing that does so, you may need to shop around a bit. Finding a supplier with plenty of options is the best bet. They will be able to help you decide between a range of fencing opportunities, so you get the best in looks. If in doubt, though, the black powder-coated aluminium fence is a staple classic!

Strength is indispensable when it comes to superior fencing – here’s why

One reason aluminium fencing rates among the highest in superiority is its strength. A lot of that strength is derived from its corrosion resistance. That ensures it is never compromised. But it also possesses a lot of strength in itself. Aluminium is renowned for its lightweight, and high strength combination. That means it will stand up to harsh weather, and the regular wear and tear of backyard life!

Finally, here are some things to avoid in your search for superior fencing

So we’ve covered a few of the best features in terms of superior fencing. But what about the ones to avoid? Our advice is to avoid compromised timber fencing options. That means untreated timbers, with a high rate of water absorption. Those timber fencing options are highly susceptible to rot, within a relatively short period of time.

We suggest chatting with the fencing experts at FenceCorp for more tips and all your fencing needs.

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A fantastic job on the fencing – looks amazing. Can’t believe how much it has enhanced the whole look of the pool area and front yard. Installer did a great job and a very pleasant person to deal with. Thank You also to the staff at FenceCorp for fast , friendly and reliable service at the right price . Will be in touch for more work in the future .

Vicky Huddy Brisbane Qld