What Colour Should I Paint My Fence?

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It’s often said that the most important home design choices are the ones that can be seen from the street. It follows, then, that fence colour is pretty high on the list. Your fence is viewable from any side of your property, and it can really set your home’s visual tone. That’s why your choice of fence colour is an important one. No pressure though! Luckily, choosing a fence colour is easy as long as you have a few ideas up your sleeve. To help with that, we’ve made a quick list to help inspire you.

Garden fence colours: embrace the outdoors with a neutral brown finish

Sometimes, neutral is best. If you’ve got an elaborate garden, you may not want to detract from it too much. But, a fence is still a necessity. That’s where a finish in a warm neutral such as brown could work well. An unassuming, natural shade in tan or chocolate would pair well with a thick, lush garden. The best part: you can always paint it a brighter colour later if you change your mind!

Powder coated pool fence: here’s our pick of pool fence colour ideas

Of course, it’s not all about the exterior fence. Another prominent, important, and common fencing solution is the pool fence. If you’ve got a pool, you’ve got a fence, and it’s normally visible from your outdoor living area. As a result, you’re going to want it looking its best. For that, we would recommend two options. The first is the classic powder coated black. It might not be the most innovative, but it’s popular for a reason. The black powder coat slides seamlessly into almost any landscape design. It is also clearly visible, which is important in a safety fence. If you’re looking for something even more streamlined, how about no colour at all? That’s exactly what you get with glass or perspex pool fencing. These are popular choice for modern designer homes – but they can require a little more maintenance!

You know feature walls, but what about a feature fence? Bold blue is a great colour idea for that

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at some more exciting fence colour ideas – starting with the feature fence! Feature fences work best in tight spaces, like courtyards. Rather than allowing the fence to become just another wall, add a splash of colour. This distinguishes that surface from the others, and it becomes an added dimension. The advantages of this are twofold: first, it corresponds with the other colours of your home, and second, it adds a feeling of spaciousness.

Warm greys are some of the best fence colour ideas for urban settings – here’s why

After something just as impactful, but a little more lowkey? Try a warm great fence. Warm grey fences dominate urban and suburban landscapes. They slide in without any fuss whatsoever, but also offer an almost subconscious layer to your home. Warm grey fences are at home surrounding new and old homes alike. Whether it’s a renovated weatherboard, or a brand new townhouse, a warm grey fence will add the finishing touch you didn’t know you needed.

Coordination can be key: model your fence colour ideas on a focal point of your home

Finally, consider coordination. If you want to create a non-physical link between your home and its surrounding spaces, try matching them in colour. That doesn’t necessarily mean your house and fence should be the same, though. Instead, take a focal point from your home and match it to your fence. For example, if you have a maroon door, try painting your fence in that colour too. It stands out, attracts attention, but doesn’t overpower your home’s design as a whole. And as always, if in doubt speak to the fencing experts!

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