The Many Benefits of Fencing your Property

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Fencing your Property

Almost every property has fencing of some kind. Whether it’s a full boundary fence, a front fence, a side fence, or a pool fence, chances are your property has one too. In many ways, we simply take fences for granted. But have you ever stopped to think about why fences are so important?

If you do, you may find that fencing has many advantages. Better still, it may have many advantages that have never occurred to you before. So let’s take a closer look at these benefits, and the types of fencing that can enhance your property.

Fencing your property will give it clear boundaries: here’s why that’s important

Of all fences, boundary fences are perhaps one of the most popular. Boundary fences are named that way because they encompass your property; they follow its entire boundary. In doing so, boundary fences clearly delineate your property from surrounding ones. But why, exactly, is that important? After all, you own what you own – no fence will change that.

That might be true, but marking the boundaries of your property with a fence can help reduce conflict between you and your neighbours. With a fence following your boundary precisely, there can be no question as to which side of the property a tree is growing, for example. There is also less likely to be accidental encroachments into your property. In short, fences are a visual reminder of where other properties end, and where yours begins.

Fencing your property will increase its security, even with smaller fencing options

Security is an important consideration for most homeowners. And when it comes to security, one of the best starting points is a deterrent. Sometimes, a visual representation such as a fence is enough to deter opportunistic individuals from entering your property without permission.

Basically, fences can be a sign that you take your home security seriously. They also introduce an element of the unknown. If your property is fenced, people might wonder whether you’ve got a dog that might alert you to their presence. Those types of subtle deterrents all come with a fence, and they increase your security. The best part: you don’t even need a big fence!

Fencing some parts of your property is a legal requirement: take pools, for example

Of course, there are plenty of personal reasons to fence your property. But there are also situations in which a fence is legally required. Pool fences are the best example of that. All pools must be fenced, as a matter of safety. If you’ve got an unfenced pool, you could even face consequences from the local authorities.

The reason is simple, too: unfenced pools are a hazard, especially when children are involved. And remember, even if you don’t have children, there’s always a chance neighbourhood kids could wander into your yard. Fencing your property is a great way to keep them safe, and keep your pool compliant.

Fencing your property is a great way to keep small kids from wandering off

Speaking of small kids, there are more ways that fences can help reduce risks. For example, a front fence is a terrific way to keep kids safe from road hazards. If you live on a busy road, cars are likely to be passing your home frequently, and often quickly. By putting up a fence, you can reduce road noise, and minimise the chances of your kids wandering onto the road in search of a runaway ball.

Finally, fencing your property will allow your furry friends to remain safe and secure

Finally, let’s talk about those furry friends so many of us have! Pets need fencing more than anything, and fencing your property is a great way to keep them in. If you’ve got an adventurous dog, getting good quality fencing on your property is a must. So contact the experts in fencing today!

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