The Best Wind Fences For Privacy

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Wind Fences

Fencing makes a home more private and secure, which are two important considerations when shopping for a new fence. But if you happen to live in a windy area, you’ll also need to consider strength, and whether it’ll stand up to sustained pressure from the tempests of your local area. 

If you live in a high wind area, conventional privacy fencing might not be suited to you, and in this article, we’ll explore some alternative wind fences that can withstand the elements.

Semi-solid or slatted fencing is a high-wind favourite 

Semi-solid or slatted fence designs are a great choice for high-wind areas, as wind can easily pass through them. These designs differ from one fence to another, and they’re very easy to customise, which makes them perfect for more modern homes. Despite their uniqueness, each design is underpinned by the same features: heavyset timber slats, offset asymmetrically. They can be vertical or horizontal, but it’s most important that the slats are offset in such a way that the wind is able to pass through. That way, the fences are under less strain, but they still minimise wind effectively in your yard, while also maintaining a good deal of privacy.

Aluminium fencing plus a privacy screen: the perfect combo!

Despite their good looks, semi-solid and slatted fences have a clear rival: aluminium fences. Aluminium is a strong, lightweight material that doesn’t corrode when exposed to the elements, which makes it perfect for outdoor fencing, but it’s not always known for its privacy, or its wind-breaking properties. Luckily, there’s an easy addition that can take your aluminium fencing up a notch in terms of privacy and wind resistance—a wind fence screen. You can buy screening in a wide range of designs, which means that it’s a great solution for homes of any décor. Not only will it keep prying eyes out, but it will also dampen wind in high-wind areas, to keep your yard more tranquil. Wind fence screens are also cheap, and easy to install yourself.

Green screens: natural windbreak fences

Green screens can be created using trees, plants, lattices, and trellises, to create an effective windbreak fence. They’re an increasingly popular fence solution that looks beautiful, and offers excellent privacy. Even by themselves, lattices and trellises make excellent windbreak fences, thanks to their criss-crossed design. Adding plants improves privacy, without compromising the fences’s windbreak effect, because plants are designed by nature to withstand wind. The wind is able to pass through a green screen fence, but is dampened significantly in the process.

Solid timber fencing is great for privacy, but not wind 

The classic solid timber privacy fence makes a great windbreak, but if you live in a high wind area, the constant battering can take its toll, especially if it’s compromised by other factors such as deterioration or rain.

A good windbreak fence cannot be too high

Finally, let’s take a look at installing. No matter which windbreak fence you choose, it will only perform effectively when properly installed. Height is a common oversight in fence installation—it’s tempting to go high, but it’s important not to go any higher than necessary. If you build a windbreak fence with too great a height, it’ll catch more wind and remain under pressure for longer, which can cause it to break. Our advice: go as high as you need to achieve privacy, but no higher!

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