How to Choose the Right Balustrade For Your Home

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How to Choose the Right Balustrade For Your Home

Balustrades are a form of fencing that are required for any raised platform that’s at least one metre high where there is a drop below, and they are an important safety feature that is most often used in decks, stairs, patios and balconies. But apart from their functionality, balustrades can also be an attractive design feature that can truly complement your home and leave a lasting impression.

However, there are a number of factors that need to be considered before planning a balustrade installation, including cost, durability, usage and aesthetics. Here’s our guide on how to choose the right balustrade for your home.

Consider Whether Your Balustrades Are Required Indoors Or Outdoors

One of the most important considerations when it comes to choosing a balustrade is where it will be located. If you are looking to install one indoors, consider how much space you have to work with – an installation adjoining a narrow space like a staircase or small balcony may require a space-saving solution such as a combination of a wire and glass balustrade.

If your installation is outdoors, it’s crucial that you choose a balustrade that’s manufactured from weather-resilient materials, particularly if you are in a coastal location. Wrought iron balustrades are great for outdoor applications as they can withstand harsher environments, including areas that encounter high rainfall and salty conditions. Protective coatings and impenetrable cores can also help this type of balustrading to last.

Think About Your Balustrade’s Aesthetics And Functionality

Whether you are addressing safety concerns, meeting regulatory requirements or simply just adding an aesthetic element to your home, it’s important to pinpoint your objectives (including materials and design) in order to choose the right balustrade.

Glass balustrades look fantastic in a contemporary home and allow a lot of light and air into an area, however, glass can sometimes encourage the entrance of heat. 

Wire balustrades offer the flexibility of customisation, as handrails, for example, can be powder-coated to match the overall colour scheme of your home. Wire balustrades can also help rooms to flow together, and allow for more light and ventilation, which is why they’re a great option for balconies and the upper floors of your home. 

Vertical wire is often the best option, particularly if you have a young family, as horizontal wire balustrades can present safety issues, and if combined with wooden handrails can serve as a beautiful feature in both traditional and contemporary homes. 

Take Into Account Your Balustrade’s Long-Term Maintenance Needs

When looking at your balustrade options, carefully consider its ease of maintenance, particularly longer term, because, with a little TLC, your balustrades will probably last you a lifetime!

Ask yourself: Does the surface need rust protection or constant cleaning? Can the balustrades be repaired or replaced in a decent amount of time after you purchase them? Does your warranty cover the entire structure or only certain parts of it? And if you’re considering installing glass balustrades, are they going to be difficult to maintain, particularly with messy-handed children around the house?

Choose What Material You’d Prefer Your Balustrade To Be Constructed Of

Timber balustrades have certainly retained their popularity for a reason – they are versatile, strong, easy to work with, and they add timeless appeal to any home. They can also be an inexpensive option if your budget is tight and paint can add even more versatility to this balustrade option as the colour can always be updated.

Glass balustrades although stunning, can be expensive, however, they do let in an abundance of air and light, open up living areas, and they are a wonderful way to showcase a staircase as an architectural feature.

Wrought iron balustrades work just as well in an industrial space as they do in a more modern or traditional home, and they can deliver a much lighter-looking design result than with timber. Robust and elegant, they can often be handcrafted to suit your design preferences, and unlike timber or aluminium that can rot and rust, wrought iron will withstand a myriad of harsh weather conditions, making it a great choice for deck, balcony or veranda balustrading. 

Aluminium balustrades are a popular choice because they are lightweight and durable, and their high corrosion and rust resistant properties also mean they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, in all weather conditions. Their natural coating of aluminium oxide also provides a highly effective barrier to the ravages of air, temperature, moisture and chemical attack, making it a useful construction material.

They require very little maintenance in both wet and dry conditions, there is no need to paint or polish them, and they are cheaper to manufacture than other balustrade materials. Aluminium balustrades also take less time to construct, install, replace and remove than balustrades constructed of other materials, so they can be easily customised to your individual requirements.

Here at FenceCorp, we manufacture balustrades that cover a wide range of styles and work beautifully with a range of home and business designs, from staircases in classic Queenslanders to balconies in more contemporary environments.

We specialise in the manufacturer of a range of durable, cost-effective aluminium balustrades, and also beautifully aesthetic framed glass balustrades that feature laminated clear or toughened glass. Plus there are a ton of design options to choose from! 

Need some advice on the perfect balustrades for your home? Contact the professionals at FenceCorp today on (07) 3715 5055.

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