How Deep Should Fence Post Holes Be Dug? Heights For Your Fence

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Fence Post Holes

If you’re thinking of installing a new fence on your property, you’ll want to ensure that it holds firm during severe weather. Cyclonic winds and battering hailstorms are no joke, and the last thing you want is for your fence to end up through your neighbour’s window.

Thankfully, installing fences is a pretty easy job. And if you’re wondering how deep fence post holes should be dug, we have the answer.

Hole depths for fence posts

The hole depth for fence posts depends on the height of the fence itself. The taller the fence, the taller the hole. As a rule of thumb, the hole should be roughly a third of the post’s height. So if your fence is 1.8 metres, the hole should be 0.6 metres.

You might also be able to get away with a hole that is a quarter of the fence’s height, but it’s much safer to go for a third instead. To find out how deep the hole is for your particular fence, you can find a variety of fence sizes in the table below. We also include the actual height of the fence that you’ll need to buy when taking the hole depth into account.

Fence height

Hole depth

Fence post height to buy

Max in TAS*



Max in Tas*










Max in QLD, NSW, WA*



Max in VIC*












Max in ACT*



*The “max by state” information is applicable to privacy fences only.

If you’re wondering about the width of the fence post hole, it should be roughly double the width of the post’s diameter. As a reminder, the diameter is the width of the post from end to end, as shown in the image below.

Fence Diameter

The amount of cement you need for your holes will depend on the diameter and height of your fence posts, and how many of them you have. The easiest way to estimate this is using an online calculator like this one.

Finally, before you dig your fence posts, be sure to call the Dial Before You Dig (1100) number to find out where electricity, water, gas, and telecommunications cables and pipes are on your property. This is a free Government service, so you won’t need to pay for the phone call.

Fence post hole size—summary

To reiterate, your fence post hole sizes should be roughly a third of the fence’s height in length, and about double of the fence post’s diameter in width. This ensures that your fence posts have a solid foundation, and will remain nice and strong during severe weather.

If you’re struggling with your Queensland fences, and need a professional to lend a hand, give us a call on 07 3715 5055. We are experts with aluminium fencing and have a variety of affordable options for you to choose from.

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