Fence Replacement: 6 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Fencing

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6 Signs It's Time To Update Your Fencing

The humble garden fence goes through a lot. It stands sentinel over our homes, day and night, rain or sunlight. And it does all of that whether we notice it or not. Sure, fences might be designed to withstand all that the natural environment can produce. But, like anything, fences have a shelf life. There will come a time when your fence needs a replacement. Working out when that time is, is a different story, though. That’s why we’ve listed six handy signs that you’re due for a fence replacement. Do any sound familiar to you?

Does your timber fence show signs of discolouration? It might be time for a fence replacement

Discolouration is normal in timber fences, but only to a certain extent. Generally, in a treated timber fence, you can expect to see some darker discolouration in areas. But that discolouration shouldn’t appear all over your fence, and it shouldn’t appear damp all the time. If it does, your fence might be rotting. If your fence is rotting, then a replacement is the only solution!

Termites destroy fences in no time – when termites are involved, replacement is the only option

If you can see evidence of termites around your timber fence, you’ve got a problem. Termites love timber fences, which means fences are often the first to go in termite affected properties. If they’ve made a home in your fence, you might see what appears to be sawdust gather at the base of your fenceposts. If you do, you’ll probably need a fence replacement. But before you get one, make sure you call in the experts to deal with the termites first!

Does your aluminium pool fence have bends and buckles? Replacement is urgent – here’s why

If your aluminium pool fence is looking a little battered, you need to replace it as soon as possible. The reason is safety; pool fences are designed to keep kids out of harm’s way. But if your pool fence has larger than normal openings in its bars, there’s every chance a small child could find their way through. That’s why attention is key; always check on your pool fence’s condition, and don’t be afraid to get a replacement when you need it.

Holes in your timber fence can indicate more than just a lack of privacy: replacement may be needed

It’s not uncommon for timber fences to develop holes where knots in the timber used to be. But sometimes, holes in your timber fence can indicate some more significant damage. For example, termites are often responsible for weakening timber fences, and creating relatively innocuous looking holes. Often, these can develop into splits later on, and even weaken fence pales to the point of snapping.

Is your fence leaning ever so slightly? Here’s why you might need a fence replacement

We’ve all seen leaning fences before, and they look a bit sad. But surely they can be straightened without a full replacement? Well, not often. In a lot of cases, leaning fences tell of rotten fence posts and soft ground. In our experience, when a fence leans, replacement is the only effective solution.

Finally, does your fence look a bit out of place? If so, treat your self to an upgraded replacement!

Last but not least, it’s important to ask yourself how you feel about your fence. Does it offer the privacy and aesthetic you want? Or did it just come with the house? If you’re not set on your fence, that’s as a good a sign as any that it could use replacement. So speak with the experts and find some fencing options that tick all the boxes!

If you’re looking to replace your fence, get in touch with the experts at FenceCorp (07) 3715 5055.

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