Does A Privacy Fence Increase The Value Of Your Home?

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Privacy Fence

When it comes time to sell, one of the key questions at the forefront of every homeowner’s mind is how to make their property stand out from the crowd. If you’ve already tackled the big-ticket items, like renovating the bathroom, and replacing the carpets, you might be wondering whether installing a privacy fence will increase the value of your home? While there will always be some things you can’t change about your property—like the floorplan or location—there are lots of smaller, cost-effective changes you can make to add value to your home, and a privacy fence is one of them.

Homebuyers value privacy

Private space is an increasingly sought-after commodity in today’s busy world. Whether it’s having friends over for a barbecue, or playing with the kids after school, people value being able to switch off from the hustle and bustle of the day and relax in the privacy of their own home. By reducing street noise and limiting people’s views into your property, a privacy fence can help create a functional and inviting outdoor space, giving you the breathing room you need, without creating the feeling of being inside a fortress.

Privacy fencing can transform your outdoor space

The real value of any fence lies in the space it helps to create. Particularly in dense urban areas where every metre matters, home owners want their outdoor living areas to be as versatile as possible.

When deciding whether to install privacy fencing it can be helpful to think about what prospective homebuyers might like to use the space for, even if you don’t plan on using the space in the same way. For example, an enclosed yard is a key consideration for dog owners looking for space to let their pets run around in. Similarly, young families value having space for their children to play outdoors, without the risk of running onto the road. While many homebuyers want the flexibility to make their own improvements to the property, already having fencing in place can be a key drawcard, and one they’re willing to pay money for to remove the hassle of adding it themselves later.

First impressions matter

When it comes to selling your home, first impressions matter. While good property presentation won’t disguise major building issues, there are some simple, cost-effective fixes that can go a long way to catching the buyer’s imagination.

Along with decluttering the inside of your house, privacy fencing is a great way to enhance the look of your entertaining area. By keeping certain elements in your yard—such as garbage bins, gas bottles, or water tanks—hidden from view, privacy fencing can help to improve your property’s aesthetic value. Choosing fencing that’s in keeping with the local style can also create a seamless connection between your property and the surrounding neighbourhood, further adding to your home’s appeal. Fences are also a well-known burglar deterrent, and are likely to give prospective buyers a sense of security.

So, does a privacy fence increase the value of your home?

While there is limited definitive evidence that a privacy fence will substantially increase the value of your home, it will help you to create many of the features that buyers look for—and are willing to pay money for—when selecting a home. A thoughtfully positioned and well-maintained fence can help you design a comfortable outdoor entertaining space that provides shelter from the elements, as well as your neighbours’ prying eyes. It can also help transform your backyard into a multi-use space, which has broad appeal to prospective buyers, who value versatility.

And if selling your home quickly is something you’re after, installing a new privacy fence, or replacing an old one with a more modern style can be a straightforward way to help your property stand out from the crowd.

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