Can I Put A Gate On My Driveway? What You Need To Know

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Gate On My Driveway

If you’re looking for a little extra privacy and security for your home, a driveway gate could be the solution, and if you’re asking yourself “can I put a gate on my driveway?” you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we’ll explain how to figure out whether you can put a gate across your driveway, including any potential restrictions you might face.

Contact your local council

Building or renovation work outside of your property can require council approval. This can include fences, carports, decks, and even water tanks.1 For this reason, the first thing you’ll need to do is contact your local council to understand whether you need a permit to build your driveway gate.

Your local council will also be able to give key information about the gate’s specifications, which will be critical in choosing the right gate for your home. This will include the following vital information:

Your property’s boundaries

Aside from the fact that it’s illegal, your neighbour probably won’t appreciate you building a driveway gate or fence on their land. You’re also prohibited from building on public land, such as the road or pavement, so before you start the work, it’s vital to understand your property’s boundaries.

Your local council should be able to provide the exact boundaries of your property, so that your driveway fence and gate stay within your property.

The maximum height of your gate

Many councils impose height restrictions on structures around your property, which includes walls, fences, and gates. So before you start building the Berlin Wall across your driveway, scattered with spotlights to detect burglars or defectors, ask your council to confirm the maximum height that you’re allowed to build above natural ground level.

This will include the gate itself, any surrounding fences, and any columns used.

Acceptable material to use for your gate

Some states may have restrictions on the material that you can use for your driveway fence and gate, and while you’re unlikely to be erecting a blinding platinum structure replete with dazzling diamonds, it’s worth checking which types of material are acceptable before making any purchases.

Metal driveway gates are a popular choice, and there’s likely to be rules for these too. For example, the metal may need to be unperforated, include a proprietary finish (or coat), and be free of dangerous sharp edges. It might also need to be the same colour,2 which extends to your fence too.

Water flow

In some cases, building a new driveway fence and gate can alter water flow, which may start pooling or causing other problems in public land. Your local council may want to determine whether this is the case, and it can prevent you from getting a permit for the build.2

A driveway gate is a great way to add a little privacy and security to your home, but it can include multiple restrictions that must be considered before starting the project. By contacting your local council and getting the above information, as well as understanding whether you need a permit, you’ll be on your way to erecting a glorious new driveway gate for your home.


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