8 Of The Best Pool Fence Ideas For Your Backyard [Images]

Come summertime, there’s nothing better than lazing beside a pool with a cool drink in your hand, whiling away the day in bliss. And if you want to create a gorgeous environment to relax in, your pool’s fence is a key component.

Here are some of the best and most popular pool fence options for your home, with a variety of materials and styles.

Aluminium post fence

Aluminium Post Pool Fence

At the simple end of the fence spectrum is the aluminium post fence. It’s sleek, classic, minimalistic, easy to maintain, and comes in a range of colours to suit the style of your house and garden. It’s one of the most affordable options in Australia, which is why they’re such a popular choice for Aussie homeowners.

It also meets Australia’s safety guidelines, so is perfectly safe for children and pets.

Aluminium fence with pillars

Aluminium Pool Fence Pillars

Image from Pinterest

An alternative to the simple aluminium fence is combining it with brick or concrete pillars, as seen in the example above. This can look sleek, sophisticated, and beautifully grand, especially when the pillar’s material matches your home. As always, the aluminium fence comes in a range of styles and colours, so you can get the ideal look for your swimming pool.

Wood pool fences

Wood Pool Fence

A wooden pool fence with mesh

Wood pool fences are a less common choice, mainly because of their durability (aluminium will last for much longer, and can handle more rain and sun). But they certainly shouldn’t be ruled out, because they can look beautiful when well-matched with your home.These types of fences come in a few different varieties:

  • With metal mesh in between each post (as seen in the image above)
  • With wire in between each post
  • Traditional fences that use pillars/pickets
  • Latticed-style fences (you just need to make sure they’re sturdy enough)

Whichever option you choose, you’ll need to double-check that the fence meets the Australian standard for swimming pool safety (AS 1926.1- 2012)

Glass fence panels

Glass Pool Fence

Frameless glass pool panels

Another simple but elegant design is the glass panel fence. These can come framed, semi-framed, or frameless. As you can see from the picture above, the “invisible” frameless version is the most dramatic, providing unobstructed views of the surrounding garden and pool, and allowing you to keep a close eye on your young kids. Glass panels also do a great job of making your yard seem bigger, and when you combine them with pool lighting, the effect is gorgeous.

The biggest downside to glass panel fencing is the cost—they can be very expensive, depending on the type that you want. They also become dirty quickly (especially with kids and dogs around) so require regular cleaning to remain smudge-free and transparent.

Wrought iron pool fence

Wrought Iron Pool Fence

Image from Sun King Fencing

If you really want to impress, you can consider installing a custom-made wrought iron fence, and ask the designer to create the patterns of your choice (or let them use their skill). Wrought iron is a highly durable material that comes in a range of colours, but it’s expensive to manufacture so you can expect to pay a pretty price.

If you’d like custom patterns but aren’t willing to pay the high cost of wrought iron, you’ll be surprised by how customisable aluminium can be for a fraction of the cost.

Vinyl pool fence

Vinyl Pool Fence

Vinyl fencing is also a less common option in Australia, but it’s a durable material that never splinters or rots, and comes in a range of colours and styles. It can look similar to aluminum fencing from a distance, but when you get up close, there’s a definite difference in quality (aluminium looks “sleeker” and more expensive). Still, it’s an option to consider.

Hedge pool fence

Hedge Pool Fence

A pool that uses both hedges and glass

If you’d prefer to keep things natural, you can consider growing a hedge along one side of your pool, and using another material such as aluminum, glass, or wood for the remainder. Hedges are a common choice for a property’s boundary, and when tall and dense enough, should meet Australian standards.

One downside to hedges is that they take a while to grow, so you’ll need to put a temporary solution in place to keep the pool nice and safe. Alternatively, you can even buy artificial hedges that can be immediately installed, and don’t require any maintenance at all.

Bamboo pool fence

Bamboo Pool Fence

Image from Cali Bamboo

Bamboo pool fences are another natural option that can look exquisite when surrounded by trees and plants, as in the example above. It’s an environmentally friendly option, and is much stronger than timber and other types of wood. You can also stain the bamboo with a variety of natural colours, and it will last for a long time, but it’s definitely on the more expensive side of pool fence ideas in Australia.

But as with other types of solid fencing, you won’t be able to see your swimming pool from the house, so you’ll need to monitor young kids closely. On the other hand, if you’re looking for extreme privacy, bamboo fencing provides it.

What can we do for you?

Looking for stunning new pool fence ideas for your home? Look no further than FenceCorp!
If your pool fence is looking a little worse for wear, or you just need to update for safety, FenceCorp has some brilliant ideas that will enhance the overall look of your pool while keeping your family safe and sound.

Here at FenceCorp, we provide quality aluminium pool fencing that’s completely suited to Brisbane’s harsh subtropical environment. With such a versatile material, there’s so many different ways you can use aluminium pool fencing in your home. We have a range of beautiful designs on offer, with three different pool fence styles currently available in our gallery. These designs range anywhere from a simple aluminium fence to tubular fencing, flat rails, lace fill-ins, panels, and beautifully decorative spears. The beauty of aluminium is that it’s easily customisable, so we can work with any design you might have in mind. Our panels are all powder-coated and manufactured in Australia, which allows us to provide a fence that is reliable, safe, and strong.

We also have a range of beautiful colours and designs, including satin black, pearl, or something a little more daring. When it comes to shapes and styles, our fences are all custom-designed, so it’s entirely up to you.

If you’d like to discuss any pool fencing design ideas or even get a quote, contact Fence Corps today via our website, or phone on 07 3715 5055. Your backyard pool could soon be transformed into a beautiful garden oasis – and a perfectly safe one at that!

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