6 Valuable Tips For Choosing The Perfect Driveway Gate For Your Home

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First impressions do count, and nothing expresses a homeowner’s personal style more than their driveway gate. Whether you’re concerned about your privacy and security, or just wanting to add aesthetic value to your property, the decision is an important one, not least because it’s not a cheap financial investment! Here are our top 6 tips for choosing the perfect driveway gate for your home.

Tip #1 – Decide what you’d like it to be constructed of

Driveway gates are typically made from four main materials:

  • Aluminium. A good choice for modern homes, aluminium gates tend to have clean, minimalist lines and come in a variety of colours. Durable and versatile, they are also cost-effective, rust proof and maintenance-free. Powder coating on aluminium gates adds another layer of durability, and these types of gates are ideal for residential properties where aesthetics play a big part in suitability.
  • Steel. Solid and sturdy in appearance, steel gates are a more durable option than aluminium (and therefore harder to break into), however they have one main drawback. They are prone to rust and will corrode very quickly unless they are treated. Many suppliers these days offer rust-proof options, and a powder-coated finish will also add another layer of durability.
  • Timber. Offering a rich, natural appearance, timber gates are often chosen to accompany unique bush or rural settings. Wood selection is an important factor with these, and Australian hardwood is a popular choice as it’s not prone to rotting or warping.
  • Wrought Iron. Those after a more ornate gate may consider a wrought iron gate. These are available in traditional and modern designs and can be custom-made as well.

Tip #2 – Consider whether you need a sliding or swinging gate

When choosing a suitable driveway gate, another variable to think about is how you want your gate to open. There are two main types – a sliding driveway gate and a swinging driveway gate. While swinging gates are probably the most popular choice in the market today, sliding gates also offer a number of benefits as well.

Some of the factors that may influence your choice are:

Sliding Driveway Gates:

  • Close and open in a horizontal direction
  • Use space efficiently and effectively, and are therefore neat and economical
  • Are useful on inclined driveways
  • Are easy to install on a variety of surfaces
  • Can be easily opened using a keypad or remote control
  • Are great for properties that are trying to maximise space

Swinging Driveway Gates:

  • Can be designed to swing out and in depending on the space available
  • Are ideal if there is not enough width at the side of the gate to retract
  • Are usually operated using a remote control or keypad
  • Work well on flat surfaces as they can’t open and close on inclines
  • Are a little more expensive as they require more advanced operating mechanisms

Tip #3 – Choose a style that suits both your home and your surrounding property

Another important thing to consider when choosing a driveway gate is its style. Your gate should suit the aesthetics of your property and the environment in which you live, and it should blend seamlessly into your home’s overall design.

Different materials and colours work with different styles of homes and architectural features, and you should also think about whether you prefer a driveway gate that offers privacy, or one that enhances the views of both your landscaping and your home. A variety of styles are available, including:

  • Tubular – One of the most cost effective options, tubular gates range in design from simplistic versions to more ornate styles that include decorative tips and embellishments.
  • Picket – Available as both swing and sliding driveway gates, these offer the traditional white-picket-fence look and their aluminium construction means they’re virtually maintenance free.
  • Slats – These look similar to picket fences, however the posts tend to be horizontal instead of vertical, and they offer more privacy than tubular styles.
  • Security gates – Often constructed of high-strength galvanised steel, many also include sharp embellished tips to deter would-be intruders!

Tip #4 – Think about how you and others will access it

Driveway gates can be accessed in a variety of ways, and the decision often comes down to how much security you need and the privacy you wish to maintain. Options include:

  • Manual – The basic open-by-hand variety is cost-effective, however doesn’t offer much in terms of security and can be inconvenient if you’re located on a busy street or caught in a downpour!
  • Remote controlled – These are outfitted with a motor that opens and closes them automatically, and you can keep the remote control on your keys or in your car. Just don’t let your remote run out of batteries!
  • Pin pad/code lock – Accessed with a code (that you input into a pin pad out of the window of your car), the motor and pin pads are normally attached to your home’s power source, so flat batteries aren’t a concern.
  • Intercom controlled – One of the best options when it comes to security, owners can pair these with a swipe card or pin pad access. Outsiders need to press a buzzer in order to be granted access, and if you combine with a security camera, you’ll get a visual of your visitor as well.
  • Solar powered – A great option if you’re considering an automated driveway gate, and power-saving as well because the motor and other technology is powered by solar panels rather than being connected to your mains power. Handy in a blackout as well! 

Tip #5 – Decide on a colour that will suit your home and property

The colour of your driveway gate is an important consideration, and something that should be determined by the colour and style of your home, the surrounding landscape, and whether you want your gate to blend into your property’s overall environment or to stand out as a feature element. 

The colour of your gate should also assist with increasing your home’s property value, so choosing a palette with universal appeal is something to bear in mind.

Tip #6 – Consult the professionals if you’re still unsure

Gates can sometimes be treated as a necessity rather than the practical and visually enhancing fencing solution that they are. That’s why you should talk to FenceCorpb! We are 100% owned and operated with over 18 year’s experience in the fencing industry, and our professional team are dedicated to creating fencing solutions that add not only appeal but value to your property as well. Call us now!

Need some advice on the perfect driveway gate for your home? Contact the professionals at FenceCorp today on (07) 3715 5055.

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