6 Slick & Stylish Aluminium Fencing Ideas For Your Home

Raised Fencing

Sturdy, adaptable, and low maintenance, an aluminium fence can serve a variety of purposes and suit any aesthetic. Uneven ground, previous structures, and security issues are no match for a good aluminium fence, and with plenty of ornamental options and aesthetic flourishes available, there’s the perfect one for just about every home!

Here are 6 great aluminium fencing ideas for you to consider—no matter your project or your space.

Home Aluminium Dog Friendly Fence

Blending security with aesthetic appeal, the aluminium fencing across the front of the home provides access for occupants and their cars, while keeping the house itself private and secure. No nosey neighbours here!

The white fencing is clean and crisp, and along with the pink walls, matches the house itself perfectly, proving that safety can also be stylish.

If you’re a dog owner, aluminium fences are a great option. They last a long time, won’t degrade in wet weather, and, as seen here, can block out the outside world—perfect for any anxious furry friends and owners who just want to enjoy their yard in peace. There’s also very little space for digging paws to sneak underneath.

Gate & Fence Combined

Another example of an aluminium fence combined with secure gate access; this modern grey fencing is perfect for contemporary homes like the one shown. An alarm lamp is integrated into the system, meaning passers-by and cars out on the road in front of the home are warned when a vehicle is leaving the driveway—a great safety feature.

Once again, the colour and the walls complement the home, showcasing how versatile and adaptable aluminium can be.

Raised Fencing

Image from Toyo Group

Raised fencing like this is great for breaking up long walls of fencing, no matter the material. It’s also a perfect solution if you’ve found a fence you love, but can’t find it in the right size, or if you need to add higher fencing for privacy reasons.

Combining materials can make for pleasing aesthetics, and the example here is great for pets and small children, moving the open gaps of the aluminium fencing away from climbing hands and paws!

If you’re looking for more ways to extend a fence, here are our best ideas for fence extensions, whether you’re working with aluminium, wood, or steel.

Privacy Fence

​​Image from Fencing Maitland

An aluminium fence that checks just about every box, this one offers privacy, security, and a uniform aesthetic for the whole block! As we can see here, aluminium fencing needn’t be restricted to individual homes, and is a practical and cost effective option for larger scale, multi-dwelling build sites like this.

Aluminium fencing is great for body corporate run locations, given its low maintenance and longevity.

Pool Fence

Image from Fence Warehouse

In order to comply with safety laws, a pool fence is an absolute must.

Whatever your climate, aluminium is a great option for this, as wood warps with prolonged water contact, and other metals can rust away and compromise safety. And while glass can look stunning, it also comes with a hefty price tag, not to mention a lot of cleaning. Not so with aluminium, which is durable, affordable, and a lot less work to keep spick and span.

And if you’re hoping for something a little fancier, pool fences needn’t stop with the humble post fence – take a look at some of our favourite pool fence ideas for your backyard.

Safety Fence

Showcasing a strong design, this aluminium fence combines a unique look with some great safety features. The blend of the two different fences proves just how adaptable aluminium fencing can be, working with previous structures to provide options that are both safe and fit the environment.

No matter your style, budget, or fencing needs, an aluminium fence can be a fantastic addition to the home. Just remember that if it’s time for an upgrade, there are rules and regulations to follow, and, more often than not, neighbours to be consulted, so be sure to do your research. You can start right here, with 4 things you should consider when choosing a fence style for your home.


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