6 Benefits Of Aluminium Fencing For Your Garden

Aluminium Fencing For Your Garden

Aluminium Fencing For Your Garden

Deciding on fencing for your garden in Brisbane can be an overwhelming and complicated experience. There are so many varieties of materials and colours to choose from and each one will suit a particular home’s style and aesthetic. You also need to consider your budget and the wearability of the fence. However, it doesn’t need to be a difficult choice! For a variety of reasons, aluminium is becoming one of the leading choices for garden fencing.

Here’s why you should choose aluminium fencing for your garden. The benefits will surprise you!

1.Aluminium will keep its appearance for longer

You don’t want your garden immaculate and your fencing looking dull, lifeless or dinted. Aluminium will keep its appearance for longer for several reasons.

  • Aluminium is robust and sturdy. While softer materials may get dinted from backyard ball games or jumping pets, aluminium holds its shape.
  • Aluminium won’t rust or rot like many other metals.
  • No matter what colour you choose, it will remain the same for years to come, without fading.


2. Aluminium is resistant to most garden chemicals

You may have a garden that requires fertiliser, or perhaps you have a plant that needs a regular pesticide. Either way, you won’t need to worry about your fencing corroding due to the use of any chemicals. Aluminium can withstand chemicals and will not rust due to their usage. It doesn’t contain any steel or iron and fences made out of either of those almost always end up rusty over time. Don’t take the risk of investing in a new fence, only to find it looking dated and corroded sooner than you thought. Aluminium gives you the freedom to plant what you like in your garden without hesitation.

3.Aluminium fencing will slope with the land

It might not sound important, but if your garden is on a slope, you can use aluminium fencing to create a continuous slope without needing to step the fencing out. This will ensure the fence remains all at one level which will keep pests out of your garden as they won’t be able to slip underneath the fence. It will also look great!

4. Aluminium fencing stands up to Brisbane’s weather with ease

Aluminium can handle four seasons in one day really easily. It will not rot, corrode or rust, so heavy rains and long, hot summers are no problem. Aluminium fencing is also perfect for coastal areas as it won’t be affected by salt like other fence materials. It really is the perfect material to use in the Brisbane environment.

5. Aluminium is malleable and can be crafted to create designs

Unlike harder metals, aluminium has the ability to be crafted to create ornate designs. This gives you the ability to turn your fencing into a feature that can tie in with the theme of your garden, not just a barrier.

In summary, here’s why Aluminium fencing is the only choice when it comes to your Brisbane garden fence:

  • Aluminium is less likely to wear over time, meaning you get more out of the money you put in.
  • Aluminium fencing looks amazing and is much more seamless than other materials – meaning you can keep the beauty in, and the rodents out!
  • Aluminium fencing suits the Brisbane environment. It will handle the harsh sun, the torrential rain and the sea salt without skipping a beat!
  • Aluminium fencing means you have the peace of mind that you are using an environmentally friendly product in a natural space.
  • Aluminium fencing opens you up to exploring a range of designs and features due to its flexibility to be shaped into whatever you like.

6. Aluminium easy to work with and surprisingly affordable

In many ways, aluminium fencing is just easier! It’s lightweight, making it easier to transport and work with, especially if you’re keen on DIY. Being lighter and in plentiful supply, it’s also more affordable than other fencing materials, which means you won’t break the bank adding your next pool fence or gate. Aluminium is recyclable, too, so it won’t become landfill if you eventually decide to change your fencing design. In fact, most of the aluminium used for construction purposes is created from recycled materials.

At FenceCorp, our aluminium fencing is top quality and manufactured in Australia. We won’t skimp on quality by using cheap, imported panels. We also custom order a wide range of sizes, styles and colours. Your garden fencing might be in the front, back or around your pool. We’ve got plenty of designs to suit both classic and modern homes. We also provide aluminium fencing for small businesses.

FenceCorp also provides a range of DIY fencing kits to our Brisbane customers. All kits have easy to follow instructions, which means you can feel satisfied completing the job yourself while saving cash on labour.

You can’t go wrong with FenceCorp! Contact us for a quote on aluminium fencing for your Brisbane home and garden today.




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To the recent installation of our gateway and fence I am writing to thank you very much for your assistance in making sure this difficult project looked so simple and effective when complete. It is worth noting that with a street gradient of 28 degrees, solving my specific need for a gate that did not look out of place compared to the fence was difficult, especially seeing as though I wanted the design of the fence to follow the concept of the railing on the house. The service was great particularly as all measurements were double checked for accuracy, the colour matched the sample and you greatly assisted in problem solving.

Richard (Redhill Qld)