5 Stunning Garden Gate Ideas

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Garden Gate Ideas

Fences are useful for so many reasons. Most obviously, though, they give your garden a sense of boundary, and they offer great privacy. But that doesn’t mean you won’t need to get past them at some point. Realistically, all garden fences need a garden gate. However, there don’t seem to be as many garden gate options, as fence options.

And you shouldn’t have to settle for a gate that doesn’t perfectly match your fence. So what options are you left with? Take a look at our five favourites below! With some creativity, it’s not hard to come up with gorgeous garden gates.

The door and trellis idea: one approach to garden gates that will inspire a fairy tale feel

When you think of a garden gate, it probably doesn’t look much like a door at all. But, believe it or not, a garden door can work remarkably well. You can’t just use any door, though. We have found old, repurposed interior doors to be best. Our favourites are those with clouded glass panels. If you can find an old clouded-glass panel door, then you are one step closer to a stunning garden gate. But what if you can only find a door with broken glass panels? Not to worry! Simply find a safe way to clear the glass out of each panel, and you can still come up with a rustic, yet creative looking garden gate. Coupled with a vine-covered trellis, you can even cultivate a secret garden feel.

Pick the picket – here’s a new take on the classic picket fence

If your garden is a little more on the manicured side, you might want something that simply adds to the continuity of your landscape design. So why not opt for the classic white picket combo? Picket fences go with lawns like gin goes with tonic, so don’t feel as though you need to reinvent the wheel. Simply find a picket gate that matches with your remaining fence flawlessly. Although, don’t be afraid of a little creativity. By choosing a gate that has a simple arch, or even a dip, you can create a focal point at your garden’s entry. That lends to a more inviting feel and frames your garden with an interesting symmetry.

Lowset gate fences are practical and they keep the focus on your gorgeous garden

If your focus is always the plants, then ornate gates probably aren’t for you. Instead, you might want to consider a lowset, and innocuous gate. Such a gate needs to do two things: it needs to keep the focus on your beautiful collection of plants, and it needs to let you in and out! Don’t feel as though every aspect of your garden has to be a statement piece. Sometimes, the garden itself is the only statement you need to make.

Frame your garden with a screen gate solution – here are some possible approaches

If your garden is surrounded by a particular private fence, it’s easy for it to feel a little smaller. We have found that a helpful way to increase feelings of outdoor spaciousness is with a break in privacy. One such break is offered by screen garden gates. Like our first tip, this one involves a repurposed door. However, in this case, the door is a screen door, which means it’ll be much easier to find. The purpose of this garden gate idea is to create a sort of frame around your garden. It gives visitors a glimpse inside, without compromising on privacy. It also offers you a glimpse outside and maintains a feeling of connectedness and continuity. That can even enhance the feeling of space in your garden.

Opting for privacy? Try a trellis garden gate, with an overgrown edge

Of course, if privacy is your sole concern, you’ll need a garden gate idea that keeps prying eyes out. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be too brutalist in its appearance. With a trellis, some patience, and green thumb, you can create a garden gate that is almost invisible, yet completely private. Simply choose a nice climbing vine, and give it the care it needs to spread across the trellis gate. As it grows, so too will your privacy!

Whatever you choose, though, will be best installed by a professional. So get in touch with fencing specialists at FenceCorp, and see what creative solutions they can offer you.

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