4 Super Stylish Staircase Balustrade Designs

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Staircase Balustrade Designs

Balustrades are legally required in the home. If you’ve got a drop of one metre or more, chances are you have a balustrade too. But just because you need them, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want them too. Balustrades are a great canvas for a whole host of enthralling design ideas.And where better to place a bold design than the internal staircase of your home? They often draw traffic, and they’re normally visible from the living room; staircase balustrades are a designer’s magnet!

#1 Aluminium and timber: combining these staircase balustrade materials creates a modern finish

To a lot of people, aluminium looks modern and sleek. But when you combine the aluminium and timber, you create something extra special. There is no end of bespoke options. That makes aluminium ideal as a vertical feature within your staircase balustrade design. Then there’s the timber; it’s a perfect material to run smoothly over the aluminium. The simple reason is this: timber feels more natural than most materials. A combination of timber and aluminium is both practical and stunning. That’s why it’s right up on our list of staircase balustrade designs.

#2 Floor to ceiling staircase balustrades are exceptionally well designed for internal staircases

In terms of staircase balustrade designs, the floor to ceiling option is relatively new on the scene. Floor to ceiling balustrades offers better protection than any other. That’s, of course, because they extend from the stairs themselves, all the way to the ceiling. But that unrivalled protection isn’t all they offer. Floor to ceiling staircase balustrade designs also has an aesthetic quite unlike any other.

#3 Running a sleek frame around glass staircase balustrades gives them a bold designer look

We’ve already covered the undeniable appeal of the glass staircase balustrade design. But that’s not the end of the story! As with most designs, there’re a few things you can do to jazz it up with your own personal touch. One of our favourites is to add a frame. A smooth black frame surrounding a sleek glass balustrade is one example of mixing it up. Much like glasses, glass balustrades can adopt all manner of designs, and different ones suit different settings.

#4 Two timber sleepers: the horizontal plank is a rustic, but understated staircase balustrade design

Finally, let’s take some time to check out the newest staircase balustrade design: timber sleepers. This design is a simple, almost rustic one. But it is more versatile than you may think. All that’s required for this design is two wide timber planks and suitable support material. The two planks form the protective element of the balustrade and are supported by vertical steel or timber struts.

With some expert help, you can stretch this simple design a long way. All you need is the right choice of timber, and quality installation. Of course, your choice of timber depends entirely on your preferences. But as a general rule, darker timbers suit more traditional home designs, while lighter timbers complement some of the more modern looks. Our advice is to look at a few different ranges and see what takes your fancy.

If you’re looking to add a balustrade to your home, get in touch with the experts at FenceCorp (07) 3715 5055.

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