10 Awesome Fence Cover Ideas To Hide An Ugly Fence

There are any number of reasons why you might want to cover a fence. Maybe you’ve found that it doesn’t offer quite enough privacy. Perhaps you’re looking to increase the value of your home, and a privacy fence might be the way to do it. Or maybe you’re just looking for an aesthetic change, and that boring old fence just won’t cut it anymore.

Whatever the reason, we’ve put together a few suggestions for fence cover ideas for you to consider, but first, let’s think about the project itself.


As with any home improvement project, it’s important to have a plan for tackling it. Here’s a few questions you might want to ask yourself before diving in:

  • Why do you want to cover the fence? Is it to improve privacy or just for aesthetic reasons?
  • What’s your budget? Consider carefully how much you have to spend – this can affect the materials and the type of fence cover you end up with.
  • What aesthetic goals do you have, if any? Think carefully about what you’re envisioning for your fence. Remember, you’ve got to look at it every day!
  • Are there rules and regulations you’ll need to follow? If it’s privacy you’re looking for, remember to be aware of fencing height restrictions in your state.
  • Are there any issues specific to your garden you need to be aware of? You could have an uneven terrain or tree roots in the way. You might even have some neighbours you need to speak to first – as they say, good fences make good neighbours.
  • Is this a DIY project or will you need to call in a professional? This will likely play a big role when it comes to budgeting too.

Once you’ve got all that figured out, it’s time to move onto the project itself. Here’s a few of our favourite fence covering ideas to inspire you!

All Natural

Natural cover-ups are an attractive way to spruce up a boring fence. They will, of course, require ongoing maintenance but if you’re not a keen gardener, there’s still easy-to-manage options you can explore.

Living fence

Living Fence

Line up your planters and create a living wall. Hedgerows are perhaps the most common example of this and are sometimes even used instead of installing a fence in the first place. Hedges do require regular maintenance and if you’re looking to start from scratch, expect them to take a while to reach the heights you might be hoping for.

That said, there are some ornamental grasses and brushes that will do a fine job too, including fountain grass, porcupine grass, and switch grass. Their quick growth rate makes them an attractive possibility, avoiding the wait times of a classic hedgerow.


Bamboo Fence

Now, we know it’s a type of grass, but we feel bamboo deserves its own shout-out. Strong, stylish, and durable, it’s a fantastic option for covering fences. Bamboo also ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to sustainability and affordability.

Climbing plants

Climbing Plants On Fence

While climbing plants won’t offer immediate full coverage, there’s something to be said for the beauty of trailing vines and colourful creepers. Examples include bougainvillea, Boston ivy, star jasmine, and wisteria. You’ll need to look carefully into each plant before deciding – some will do better in shady areas, some prefer sun, and some will need a trellis for support.

Fruit trees

Fruit Trees Fence

Looking for form and function? Why not plant a line of fruit trees? With so many types and sizes of fruit trees, you’re certain to find something delicious to cover up that old fence. Plus, free food!

Plant them in a row or try a technique called “pleaching”, and tie branches together to form a living wall.


Fence With Borders

If you’re not planning to cover the entire fence, and maybe just want to liven things up a little, consider creating an attractive border in front of the fence. You can fill them full of flowers, ferns, bushes; anything that you like the look of and feel comfortable taking care of. Let them grow to a height or keep them short and decorative. The choice is yours!

If you feel like you might want to change up your look from time to time, consider using planters, rather than planting directly into the ground. This gives you the option to move your plants around to suit you, your garden, and the changing seasons. Spend some time picking out some plant pots and flowers boxes you really like and craft your perfect border.

Outdoor Art Gallery

Covering a fence needn’t be a purely practical thing. Consider dedicating a space to showcase your personal style through outdoor-safe artwork and decoration.

A fresh coat of paint

A simple way to cover a fence’s flaws is by painting it. You could pick a new colour or go all out and add a beautiful mural. It won’t do much to stop the nosy neighbours (if anything, it might encourage them to take a closer look!), but it’s certainly an option if all you want is a visual change.

Gallery wall

If you’re looking to hide the fence a little more, why not hang a few art pieces on it? You’ll need to ensure they’re fully prepared for a life outdoors, including protection from the sun, rain, and humidity. Choose your favourite pieces in a variety of sizes and create your very own gallery wall outside.

Features and furniture

There is no shortage of garden decorations that can help cover a fence – and they can do much more than that besides. For example, a mirror can give the illusion of more space in a smaller yard, or a water feature can add visual appeal and calming sounds into the mix.
Garden ornaments, outdoor furniture, and decorative structures can all come into play and can be teamed with plants and trees to craft a fence cover truly your own. You might want to explore privacy screens, which can come in a variety of styles and materials, ranging from simple trellises to die-cut metal panels. You could even hang some outdoor curtains for some added luxury and just a little bit of drama.

Simple but effective

Of course, not all fence covers need to be dramatic or require a huge amount of work. There are options that can both highlight what you already have and add a little pop of something new to the garden.

Hanging baskets

Fence Hanging Baskets

If you’re not ready to commit to a full row of fruit trees or hedgerows galore, consider hanging a few baskets filled with your favourite flowers to the fence. Teamed with a little decoration, such as a new paint job, they’ll go a long way to helping improve that boring old fence.


Lighting Fence

You may want to add some lights to your fence, whether that’s a simple string of pretty lanterns, or a full cascading set of outdoor-friendly fairy lights. They’ll not only improve the fence (or even cover it entirely) and brighten the space, but they’re a sure-fire way to add atmosphere and mood to your garden.

Whatever your reasons are for covering your fence and however you’re planning to do it, there’s clearly no shortage of ways to realise your goals. Just remember to plan ahead, stick to the local rules and regulations, and reach out to professionals (and your neighbours) if required.


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