what you need to know about pool fencing

We all understand the importance of pool fencing, but did you know that a well designed fence can be a great feature for your outdoor living space?

Before you begin looking at pool fencing styles, it's important to be aware of all government requirements. Be sure to contact your local council and enquire about the laws and regulations that apply to building a pool fence in your local area. As well as pool fence enclosures, your dividing fence that serves as a pool fence may come under government regulations.

Use the following resources to learn about pool fencing regulations in Australia:

The Best Ideas are always on Paper

The one thing we find ourselves telling most clients interested in pool fencing is to put their ideas down on paper. See our example diagram below to inspire your imagination on what you would like for your own pool, then contact us. We'll help you smooth out any problems and add the appropriate finishing touches to your pool fence. Our experienced staff are eager to guide you through the process of designing a safe and affordable swimming pool fence.

Pool Diagram

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

  1. Protective barriers require regular maintenance. Fences, gates, doors, windows and other safety devices should all be kept in working order.
  2. Swimming pools must have suitable barriers to prevent toddlers from gaining access.
  3. When not in use, lock all doors, windows and gates that lead to your swimming pool.
  4. Never leave toys in the water or close to the water's edge where they might attract your children.
  5. Remove steps to above-ground pools when not in use.
  6. Prominently display a resuscitation chart within your swimming pool area

All standard pool fencing panels are manufactured in Australia to exceed Australian Standards (AS. 1926 .1 - 2007).

Pool Fence Design Guidelines

  1. All swimming pool gates and pool fences must comply with Australian Standard 1926.
  2. Allow for distance from trees, shrubs, pool equipment and other objects that could be used to climb your pool fence.
  3. Pools must have suitable barriers to prevent toddlers from gaining access.
  4. All pool fence gates must be above the reach of your children.
  5. Swimming pool fence gates must open outward.
  6. Your pool fence must be no more than 100mm off the ground to ensure that small children cannot crawl under it.
  7. All exterior horizontal or near horizontal fence rails must be no less than 900mm apart to keep children from scaling the fence. It is also important to consider the interior structure of your pool fence. Gaps between palings or panels also need to be wide enough to keep children from scaling the fence.

Pool Fencing Components

Panels will require panel brackets or shrouds to be attached onto the end of the rails. Make sure to use the correct fixings on your desired surface or post when being installled.

The type of panel will determine the quantity of brackets needed to install each panel:

  • Flat Top, Loop Top, Spear Top and Picket Top styles have 2 rails and require 4 brackets per fence panel installing.
  • Double Top Rail styles have 3 rails and require 6 brackets per fence panel installing.

Pool Gates will require self closing hinges and a magnetic pool safety latch. Posts for either side of gate will require the hinges and latch to be mounted to the face. Usually a taller latch posts is required so that it is the same height as the latch when it is fully installed as per instructions.

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