Top Tips To Create More Privacy In Your Backyard

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Top Tips To Create More Privacy In Your Backyard

Queensland boast some of the best weather in the country. So it’s no surprise that most homeowners want to make the most of it. And what better way to do so than with a greatbackyard? Your backyard is your own private slice of the outdoors, and you should feel free to enjoy it as such! But for a lot of people, that’s not really possible. And there’s one main reason for this: privacy. It’s hard to enjoy your backyard and outdoor living areas if you don’t feel like they offer you enough privacy.

Perhaps your backyard looks onto a park, or maybe there’s a neighbour with a clear view into your space. Whatever the cause of your problem, there is a solution. The best part is that you get to be creative! Improving privacy in your backyard is all about creativity and it can be a very rewarding project. So let us walk you through a few great tips for improving privacy in your backyard.

When it comes to creating privacy in your backyard, fencing is the number one option!

Your most powerful tool for improving privacy in your backyard is fencing. Fencing is such a dynamic, robust, and easy privacy solution. And there are so many different options out there. If you want a quick and easy way to create more privacy in your backyard, there are fences available to you that are designed exactly for that! But you don’t have to stop there. You can choose from any number of fencing designs to create a truly personalised and private space. You don’t need to feel limited either. If you see a variety of fencing that really takes your fancy but doesn’t offer great privacy alone, there are plenty of work-arounds. In fact, we have listed a few great ways to improve your privacy with or without fencing. So you can feel free to combine them for a truly remarkable outdoor ambience.

You can improve privacy in your backyard even more by combing your fence with a hedge

Fences and hedges go hand in hand. They look great, they work well together, they are easy, and, best of all, they offer almost unrivalled privacy! All you need to do is decide how you would like to configure your fence and hedge combination. The most popular way to combine fencing with hedges is by erecting the fence along your outer boundary and planting the hedge on the inside of it. Taking this approach has a few advantages too. The fence will serve as a clear and good-looking boundary from the outside, and it will help keep your hedge at bay. The hedge, on the other hand, will thicken over time and obscure your backyard from the view of your neighbours. The result: excellent privacy, with classic aesthetic appeal.

Once your fence is fitted, look at expanding your garden to improve privacy in your backyard

Regardless of whether you have chosen a fence and hedge combination or a standalone fence, it’s still worth turning your attention to the garden. If your backyard is a little sparse in terms of landscaping and vegetation, getting privacy will be a little harder. But if you have a strategically landscaped garden, you can achieve great privacy in your backyard, as well as exceptional natural beauty. We recommend starting at the fence along your backyard’s outer boundary, and working inwards. This is called ‘layering.’ Layering your garden is a great way to provide privacy to a specific focal point of your backyard. Usually this will be an outdoor setting or living space, but it can be whatever you like. Normally, larger trees and shrubs will be positioned on the outer layers, and smaller, more ornate vegetation towards the centre. However don’t limit yourself! It’s your backyard and you can be as creative as you like.

If you’re finding it hard to get privacy in your backyard, why not try creating one secluded corner?

We have seen enough backyards to know that improving privacy is harder for some people than it is for others. So how to improve privacy in your backyard if your block of land just doesn’t allow it? We still suggest starting with a fence. Even if it doesn’t block you from view entirely, it’s still a great way to gain a better feeling of privacy. Then, you can turn your focus to one part of your backyard in particular. And by that we basically mean creating a secluded corner.

If you have one corner or part of your backyard that is more private than others, why not turn your attention there? After all, having even a little privacy is better than having none at all. To improve privacy in your backyard this way, we suggest using a lot of the same techniques we have mentioned already. Starting with a few well-proportioned trees will help – then you can give some thought to the layering approach. That will fill in the gaps and improve privacy in your backyard.

Improve privacy in your backyard by building it strategically around existing structures

Finally, it is always easier to improve privacy in your backyard if you work with what you’ve got. So if your gazebo or house already provides a bit of privacy in your backyard, why not start there? You can use the same layering approach, with an outdoor setting as the focal point – or centre. The only difference will be that your focal point backs onto your house, for example. And that is just another opportunity to get creative! You can try a few different things to landscape the area, but one of our favourites is lattice! If you are using one wall of your home to improve privacy in your backyard, you can always spruce it up with lattice. It’s cheap, easy to fit, and you can grow all sorts of vines and vegetation from the lattice. This will make the solid structure of your outdoor living space a little softer, while maintaining privacy in your backyard.

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