Pool Fence Options for Your Home!

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Pool Fence Options For Your Home!

Looking for stunning new pool fence ideas for your home? Look no further than FenceCorp!

If your pool fence is looking a little worse for wear, or you just need to update for safety, FenceCorp has some brilliant ideas that will enhance the overall look of your pool while keeping your family safe and sound.

Here at FenceCorp, we provide quality aluminium pool fencing that’s completely suited to Brisbane’s harsh subtropical environment. With such a versatile material, there’s so many different ways you can use aluminium pool fencing in your home. What’s more, we also provide beautiful glass fencing, as well as fencing from mixed materials, that will suit every taste. Read on to find out more about FenceCorp’s amazing pool fence options!

It’s all about the aesthetic

Come summer time, there’s nothing better than lazing beside a pool, a cool drink in your hand, whiling away the hours with a good book or just enjoying a gentle summer breeze. With FenceCorp, you can create a truly spectacular outdoor space that will not only be a safe everyday area for your kids, but a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the summer weather on special occasions with friends and family. The design can be as simple or as elaborate and decorative as you like. It all depends on the type of fence you want and the look you’re trying to create.

In terms of design, there’s a host of innovative, creative designs floating around out there right now that are sure to get you inspired. At the simple end of the spectrum is the black aluminium post fence. It’s sleek, classic, minimalistic, and very easy to manage maintenance-wise. It’s also very safe if you have small children and pets, and it fits in wonderfully with all Australian safety guidelines. You can play around with colours and the design at the top of the fence to suit your individual taste or the current style of your house and garden. It’s truly a ‘sky’s the limit’ option!

Another simple but elegant design is the glass panel fence. These can come framed, semi framed, or frameless – it’s entirely up to you. The frameless version is the most dramatic, providing unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape and also of your pool. Not only does it look fantastic, but it serves a secondary purpose – you can see all areas of the pool without hindrance, making it a safe option for kids. It also won’t make your yard look smaller, like a bulkier metal fence can often do. Lastly, you can also play with pool lighting at night, using different colours and effects to create a truly spectacular light display as it reflects off the glass. It’s sure to be a talking point for years to come. Just stunning!

The next trend in pool fencing is the aluminium bar design fence set between concrete pillars. It ties the pool in with the rest of the landscaping, creating a gentle barricade between the pool and the rest of your garden. It looks sleek and sophisticated, and, being very sturdy, is incredibly safe. It’s also incredibly customisable, from the colour and style of the metal fencing to the shape and colour of the pillars. Basically, this style of fence ticks all the right boxes!

If any of these designs takes your fancy, we can certainly work with you to re-create something similar for your pool area. Our focus is on safety and producing something beautiful that also adheres to Australia’s highest safety regulations for pool fences.

All of these beautiful fencing styles are available right here at FenceCorp – you only need to ask! We are constantly updating our styles and colours, and we’re more than happy to work with you to design something truly unique. Visit us online or call us today to get a quote or discuss any design ideas you might have – we’d love to hear from you!

What can we do for you?

FenceCorp only manufactures quality products, so you won’t be sacrificing safety for style. Given the harsh summers we experience in Brisbane, a pool is practically essential for a comfortable lifestyle. Having a fully safe pool fence is crucial in this case.

At FenceCorp, we have a range of beautiful colours and designs that are sure to suit any home décor. While the standard colours are satin black or pearl, we can definitely work with you if there’s a particular colour you have in mind. When it comes to shapes and styles, our fences are all custom-designed, so it’s entirely up to you.

When it comes to aluminium fencing, we have a range of beautiful designs on offer, with 20 different styles currently available in our gallery. These designs range anywhere from a simple aluminium fence to tubular fencing, flat rails, lace fill-ins, panels, and beautifully decorative spears. The beauty of aluminium is that it’s easily customisable, so we can work with any design you might have in mind. Our panels are all powder-coated and manufactured in Australia, and we won’t sell anything that’s warped, crimped, or damaged in any way. You can rest assured that a Fence Corps product is reliable, safe, and strong.

If you’d like to discuss any pool fencing design ideas or even get a quote, contact Fence Corps today via our website, or phone on 07 3715 5055. Your backyard pool could soon be transformed into a beautiful garden oasis – and a perfectly safe one at that!


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We were impressed with the service from ordering the goods, and yes it was all available. Then the delivery, which was organised by FenceCorp to have all the materials delivered to my home. The driver was very helpful and very particular with the handling and placement to ensure that all was in perfect condition on arrival. Thank you so very much I would definitely recommend you and the product looks fantastic! I would like to congratulate the team and staff for all their assistance.

J and P Harrison (Graceville)