How to Install Aluminium Pool Fencing

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How To Install Aluminium Pool Fencing

Don’t make the mistake of organising your pool installation without first considering your fencing options.You have invested thousands of your hard earned dollars into your pool, so don’t let one detail delay the whole operation. Getting a pool installed isn’t as simple as finding a pool you like, getting contractors to dig your yard up and installing it. Here are a few very important things you need to know, including how to install aluminium pool fencing.

Building approval

Just like a house you are required to get building development approval for your new pool. This applies to both indoor and outdoor pools as do pool safety laws. You can discuss these compliances with your local council.

Register your pool

Registering your pool or spa is not difficult as it can be done online, however by law all QLD pools must be registered with the QBCC! If your pool is soon to be installed or newly established you can jump to filling in the registration form. If you have recently purchased a Queensland property with a pool, you will need to perform a property check to ensure the pool is in fact registered or you could face fines up to $2356.

Pool owner responsibilities and safety laws

As you might now be realising, there is a lot more to owning a pool or spa than just filling it with water and having a great time. As the owner of a swimming pool, you have responsibilities to ensure the safety of everyone who comes near your pool. Which is why you should be trained in CPR as well consider a pool safety certificate.

Pool fencing requirements

First things first, you need a fence. Not just any fence though, it needs to meet certain requirements, regulations and safety specifications. Pool fencing saves lives so it is imperative that you organise to have this installed BEFORE your pool is filled with water.

In addition to registering your pool, you are also required to have a pool safety inspector or a building certifier inspect your newly erected pool fence to ensure that it complies with safety laws.

Here are a few ways you can make sure your pool fencing is compliant:

  • Regular maintenance checks to ensure your barriers are in the best possible condition. Keep an eye out for holes in fences, broken panels or bent rails that may allow children or pets to fit through.
  • Keep your safety barriers and pool fencing well maintained by replacing or adjusting gate hinges as needed.
  • Ensure there is no vegetation / gardens / trees close to the fence that children can use to climb over the fence. Climbable objects of any kind (including BBQ’s, furniture and toys) should not be within 900mm of the pool fencing, barrier or surrounding areas.
  • If there is any damage to your pool fencing you must fix it immediately!

Pool fencing safety specifications

As you might expect, there are certain requirements you must abide by when purchasing and installing your pool fence. These are crucial to preventing disasters and accidental drownings.

  • Height – Your pool fencing and barriers must have a minimum height of 1.2 metres from top to bottom. This must run the entire boundary of the pool.
  • Parallel spacing – Fence rails that run parallel (including those that are nearly horizontal) must be spaced no less than 900 millimetres apart.
  • Vertical spacing – Fencing panels that run vertically (including those that are nearly upright) cannot be spaced any more than 100 millimetres apart.
  • Ground spacing – The spacing between the ground and the bottom of your pool fencing can be no more than 100 millimetres. This is required for the entire perimeter of your swimming pool.

How to install aluminium pool fencing for beginners

Erecting a pool fence isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone and some would just prefer to hire a professional to ensure the job is done correctly. For those that don’t shy away from a bit of DIY, here is how to install aluminium pool fencing.

  • Run a string line – Once you have planned where exactly you want your fence to go, run a string line of the perimeter so you have a visual. If you have timber decking around your pool, use nails in between the boards to hold the string. If you have grass, pickets work great. TIP: Ensure that you tighten your string as you go.
  • Measure the distance – Grab your tape measure and work out the distance between the first and second post. Measure this distance out from the first panel and don’t forget to add a little extra space for clearance. Mark this spot as your next post will go there.
  • Set post - Now that you know where your second post is going, you need to set it in place. Ensure it sits flush against your string line and secure it with screws or nails.
  • Put fence on blocks – Now that you have post one and two set, you can line up the fence to see if it is the right height. To do this stand the fence on wooden blocks in line with the posts.
  • Attach posts and fence – Once you have confirmed that the fence is the correct height you can slide the bracket over the end of the fence rail and screw it to the fence post. Do this for each side, top and bottom. (Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the fence is completed)
    If the last panel doesn’t fit, you will have to cut it to size. Exercise safety when doing this!
  • Gate and hinges – Fix the hinges to the fence post (so that they open outwards) and just as you did with the fence panels, stand the gate on blocks of wood to ensure the height is correct. Fasten the gate to the fence and attach the gate lock and catch.
  • Check – Ensure the gate closes, latches and locks into place.

Now that you know the safety criteria, laws, owner responsibility and how to install aluminium pool fencing, you are ready to find yourself the perfect pool or spa to suit your needs. If installing pool fencing seem too hard, don’t be put off because there are professional tradespeople who specialise in doing that for you!

Contact the expert team at FenceCorp today on 07 3715 5055 to discuss your aluminium pool fencing needs!

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