Looking for do it yourself fencing advice? You’ve come to the right place! We offer both supply and installation, but if you feel like giving it a go yourself follow these simple steps to success.

6 Fence Installation Tips You Need To Know

Fence Installation Tips

Installing a fence on your own can seem a little daunting at first however the truth is, as long as the design and materials are of top quality, the whole fence installation process should be relatively simple. Armed with the correct tools, the right custom-made materials, and with the backup of guidance from professionals like us, you’ll be admiring your own handiwork in no time!

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How To Dog Proof Your Fence

Dog Proof Your Fence

Dogs: they’re often the most exciting family members – you never quite know what they’re going to do next. And although that brings us endless joy, it can be a problem too. One of the main issues for proud dog owners everywhere is keeping their furry friends in the yard. A lot of dogs just seem to have escape skills that would put Houdini to shame. Continue reading

Pool Fencing Requirements For Your Home

Pool Fencing Requirements for your Home

So you’ve got a new pool – just in time for summer too! No doubt you will enjoy endless enjoyment on those extra hot summer days. But before you dive into the fun, there’s one thing you need to check: pool fencing requirements. And it’s vital! Pool fencing is mandatory in Queensland, and for a very good reason. Your pool is a great recreational addition to your home, but it can be hazardous. Young children are naturally inquisitive, and when they see all the fun you can have in a pool, they are sure to want a piece of the action! But without proper supervision, that is a recipe for disaster. But you can’t be around all the time. So how do you keep them out while you’re not around? Continue reading

5 Advantages of Hiring a Professional Fencing Contractor

Professional Fencing Contractor

Are you considering building a new fence for your property? Are you stuck weighing up the pros and cons of taking a DIY approach? If so, you are not alone! The DIY movement is gathering serious momentum. TV shows like the Block are showing us just what everyday people are capable of and giving homeowners more confidence than ever. But are there some things that are best left to the professionals? The answer to this is, inevitably, yes. Sometimes, it’s best to stand aside and let a pro take the reigns. Continue reading

Privacy Screen Ideas For Your Home

Privacy Screen Ideas For Your Home

Even if you have the world’s nicest neighbours, it’s good to feel comfortable to enjoy your home without worrying about prying eyes. Privacy screen ideas can add attractive style elements to your garden décor, whilst offering extra shade and coverage of your garden. Give yourself peace of mind in a garden you truly enjoy by considering some of these privacy screen concepts. Continue reading

5 Modern Garden Fence Designs for Your Home

5 Modern Garden Fence Designs for Your Home

Want to WOW your neighbours? Be the best dressed house in the street? Read this and be the envy of those around you.

First impressions count and your garden fence is the first thing people will see before entering your yard, make it count! You can make your home extraordinary and give it that something extra by adding or updating your garden fence designs to something unique and modern. Continue reading

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