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Privacy Screen Ideas For Your Home

Privacy Screen Ideas For Your Home

Even if you have the world’s nicest neighbours, it’s good to feel comfortable to enjoy your home without worrying about prying eyes. Privacy screen ideas can add attractive style elements to your garden décor, whilst offering extra shade and coverage of your garden. Give yourself peace of mind in a garden you truly enjoy by considering some of these privacy screen concepts. Continue reading

5 Modern Garden Fence Designs for Your Home

5 Modern Garden Fence Designs for Your Home

Want to WOW your neighbours? Be the best dressed house in the street? Read this and be the envy of those around you.

First impressions count and your garden fence is the first thing people will see before entering your yard, make it count! You can make your home extraordinary and give it that something extra by adding or updating your garden fence designs to something unique and modern. Continue reading

Five Advantages of Backyard Privacy Screens

Five Advantages of Backyard Privacy Screens

Backyard privacy screens are becoming an increasingly popular option for outdoor areas of all shapes and sizes, and with good reason!

Spending time in your own backyard is a well-loved pastime for many people. But even with a perfectly manicured lawn or sublime outdoor setting, it is difficult to make the most of your alfresco surroundings without a private area to enjoy it in. Continue reading

Five Benefits of Security Fencing for Your Home

Five Benefits of Security Fencing for Your Home

If you’re on the fence, so to speak (ha ha), about shelling out for security fencing for your home or commercial property, wonder no more. There are a number of reasons why security fencing is ideal for your home, from the obvious security benefits to providing adequate privacy and vandal prevention, to adding an aesthetically pleasing barrier between your property and the outside world. With so many varieties on the market now, it can be difficult to make a choice on what kind of fence you should invest in, so we’ve done the hard work there for you too. Read on to find out more about why security fencing is the best thing for your home. Continue reading

How To Install Driveway Gates

Want to give your home a new facade? Want more privacy and added security? Stop putting it off, it is time to do something about it!

Making the decision to update your home’s exterior is a big one, so why not go bold and add a driveway gate to your home. There are many reasons why you might opt to add a driveway gate to your front yard; you have nosey neighbours and want privacy, want to feel more secure in your home or perhaps you just want to give your house a new look. Here is the who, the why and the how to of installing driveway gates! Continue reading

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We were impressed with the service from ordering the goods, and yes it was all available. Then the delivery, which was organised by FenceCorp to have all the materials delivered to my home. The driver was very helpful and very particular with the handling and placement to ensure that all was in perfect condition on arrival. Thank you so very much I would definitely recommend you and the product looks fantastic! I would like to congratulate the team and staff for all their assistance.

J and P Harrison (Graceville)

The fence looks really excellent, just what we wanted and we were really impressed with how smoothly it all went. So thanks very much! FenceCorp delivered a stunning result. We would definitely recommend your company.

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